Thursday, May 24, 2012

All A Board!

Wil Wheaton.

For some the name conjures up the horrors of annoying teen genius Wesley Crusher in Star Trek : The Next Generation.
For others he appears in such shows as The Big Bang Theory and Leverage as a geek parody of himself.

It may come as no surprise then that he is a massive geek himself and to promote this there is a website called Geek and Sundry where he has a fortnightly video game session with friends and TV celebs called Tabletop. There have been four episodes so far and they have all featured what you could call "Entry level games", basically games that are designed to played quickly and easily and are ideal for beginners. They aren't Advanced Squad Leader.

The games played so far are:

Small World
Settlers of Catan
Tsuro, Zombie Dice and Get Bit! - Not so much full board games, but filler games that are even quicker to play.
Ticket to Ride

Rather than just a video of four people playing a game Wil Wheaton explains how to play, strategies, advice and shows general good humour. Good use of on screen graphics compliment each game as well.

After watching the video of Ticket to Ride myself and two other friends were able to play Ticket to Ride : Europe yesterday without having to read all of the rules. It is a brilliant game, if only because I won match.

The next episode will feature Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe.

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