Monday, May 28, 2012

UK Games Expo 2012

This weekend saw the annual UK Games Expo at the Clarendon Suite here in a very sunny Birmingham. I go every year as it is right on my doorstep.

Over the last couple of years it has become much more of a family orientated board game event rather than a show where manufacturers of lead figures ply there wares. I don't have any problem with this. I enjoy wandering around looking at the new games, meeting friends and just having a bloody good laugh.

I always frequent the bring and buy stand though. There is always a bargain to be had and this year was no exception.

I picked up the following:

Team Yankee by Games Designers Workshop. £10.00
Air Cav by West End Games. I nearly bought this at Spirit Games in Burton two weeks ago for £12.00. I'm glad I didn't as it only cost me a fiver.
Harpoon: Captains Edition by Games Designers Workshop for £10.00
Top Gun by FASA for £10.00
Ogre Miniatures rules by Steve Jackson Games for £2.00. I gave this to my mate Owen of  He cried tears of joy for the reasons explained here.

From another couple of stands I got hold of most of the 1st Edition Warmachine and Hordes books which I wanted for the background fluff. Ebay should be able to supply the rest.

I also picked up for £9.00 Star Cruiser by Games Designers Workshop. This is the starship combat game for 2300AD. There was, upon closer inspection when I got home, a problem in that the counters were missing. This is not a problem as I have PDFs of all of the 2300AD products including the counter sheet. As a bonus though the box did contain the Ships of the French Arm Sourcebook.

Overall a great show and a great weekend. And there were girls there.


  1. I picked up (as in picked up from table not picked as in bought and took home with me) both Formula De (pre-Formula Chav version) and Berg's Waterloo off that B&B but both were in boxes that didn't shut properly because everything was just loose inside and threatening to spill everywhere. Which suggests that the game has not been looked after properly and may not be complete. Decided that that attitude wasn't worth rewarding with my money.

  2. I saw Formula De on another stand. Can't remember which one though. I know it was in the main hall.

  3. I found Speed Circuit (Avalon Hill edition) on the B&B last year so I'm not as fussed about De as I used to be. Got some nice plastic F1 cars to play it with yesterday from Northumberland Games.

  4. That was the stand I saw it on!

  5. I found copies of an old board game called Plague (stop Weymouth falling to the Plague, which is where it came ashore); Labyrinth (Bit like Twilight Struggle, but explores the War on Terror); Flashpoint, Fire Rescue (co-op game of handling a house fire and rescuing its endangered inhabitants); The Roaring Twenties (an old Yaquinto Album Game); Manifest Destiny (American history game); In the Shadow of the Empire (vote for the Holy Roman Emperor); and an old Warfrog game whose name forget, but which is set in India.

  6. I did buy Wreckage (FFG game from about ten years ago with a post-apoc Car Wars theme) and Ticket to Ride Switzerland and India which I might take along to Afternoon Play this coming Sunday.