Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have a love/ hate thing with terrain.

A wargames table with excellent terrain is a truly inspiring sight. It inspires me to go home and make terrain.

Unfortunately I hate making it. It's not as much fun as painting figures.

Or so I thought.

Earlier this year 4Ground started releasing terrain pieces to trade and my FLGS was selling it. I bought a house, then some walls, then some more walls. A third pack of walls followed. That was all in one hour.

Roman Limes Watch Tower
4Ground produce really nice laser cut MDF buildings and terrain pieces for lazy buggers like me who can't be bothered to make it. They come in sheets which you just pop out and slot or glue together. You can leave them bear wood or paint them and they take paint really well.

My favourite piece is the Roman Limes Watch Tower. It works with my Early Imperial Roman army for DBA or Hordes of the Things. It also fits in with Warmachine and Hordes terrain. £20.00 well spent.

Wall Sections

The walls are just brilliant. With three packs I need never buy any more. They come in different lengths and the gaps in the bases allow the end of one wall to be butted against another section at right angles.

I also have six of their Timber Framed Cottages. They are nicely generic and have so far featured in Warmachine games and also on the battlefields of Northern France in 1944.

When I was putting the wooden pallisade together the other week I didn't realise how quick and easy it would be. Work is in process to build some hedges using the balsa wood, milliput and cocktail sticks in a similar way.

So, in summary, terrain needn't be a chore. Unless of course I want to do a Stalingrad themed table. One step at a time I think...

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